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    • Wireless Communication Systems Theory and Applications 

      Abid, Yahya; Farid, Ghani; R. Badlishah, Ahmad; Othman, Sidek (Penerbit UniMAP, 2011)
      This Book explores the research and development of encryption codes and Spread spectrum systems. Spread spectrum utilizes a novel shape of modulation in which the RF bandwidth of the signal is much larger than that demanded ...
    • The Wonderful World of Carbon Nanotubes 

      Meyya, Meyyappan (Penerbit UniMAP, 2011)
      The book Wonderful World of Carbon Nano Tubes is dedicated to encourage young researchers in making early steps into Nanotechnologies. The author, Dr. Meyya Meyyappan is a well-known contributor in this exciting field. ...
    • Youths Media and Politics: A New Identity 

      Aida, Mokhtar (Editor) (Penerbit UniMAP, 2015)
      The 13th General Election (GE13) campaign in Malaysia had the youths controlling the voting trend. This ambiance brought about Youths, Media and Politics: A New Identity that comprises a delightful assortment of chapters ...