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    • Application study on bubble detection in a metallic bubble column using electrical resistance tomography 

      Suzanna, Ridhuan Aw; Ruzairi, Abdul Rahim, Prof. Dr.; Mohd Hafiz, Fazalul Rahiman, Dr.; Fazlul Rahman, Mohd Yunus; Naizatul Shima, Fadzil; Mohd Zikrillah, Zawahir; Mohd Fahajumi, Jumaah; Muhammad Jaysuman, Pusppanathan; Nor Muzakkir, Nor Ayob; Yasmin, Abdul Wahab; Salinda, Buyamin, Dr. (Penerbit UTM Press, 2014)
      Electrical RESISTANCE tomography (ERT) has been chosen as the field of study because of its advantages of being low COST, suitable for various kinds and sizes of pipes and vessels, having no radiation hazard, and being ...
    • Gas hold-up profiles determination by means of ultrasonic transducer 

      Mohd Hafiz, Fazalul Rahiman, Dr.; Ruzairi, Abdul Rahim, Prof. Dr. ; Herlina, Abdul Rahim, Dr.; Zulkarnay, Zakaria; Muhammad Jaysuman, Pusppanathan; Goh, Chiew Loon; Nasarudin, Ahmad; Yasmin, Abdul Wahab; Fazlul Rahman, Mohd Yunus (Penerbit UTM Press, 2014)
      This paper details a work carried out to measure gas hold-up profiles in a liquid column using a pair of ultrasonic transducer. The gas hold-up profiles from 1.85 mm to 7.7 mm diameter are of interest in this investigation. ...
    • A review of process tomography application in inspection system 

      Yasmin, Abdul Wahab; Ruzairi, Abdul Rahim, Prof. Dr.; Mohd Hafiz, Fazalul Rahiman, Dr.; Herlina, Abdul Rahim, Dr.; Suzanna, Ridhuan Aw; Juliza, Jamaludin; Naizatul Shima, Mohd Fadzil (Penerbit UTM Press, 2014)
      The inspection system is crucial to ensure the system is always in a good condition. A technique that can be used for inspection system is process tomography. By promising non-destructive approach; various types of process ...