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    • Automated thresholding in radiographic image for welded joints 

      Haniza, Yazid; Hamzah, Arof, Dr.; Hafizal, Yazid (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
      Automated detection of welding defects in radiographic images becomes non-trivial when uneven illumination, contrast and noise are present. In this paper, a new surface thresholding method is introduced to detect defects ...
    • Circular discontinuities detection in welded joints using Circular Hough Transform 

      Hafizal, Yazid; Haniza, Yazid; Mohd Harun; Shukri Mohd; A. Aziz, Mohamed; Mohamed Rizon, Mohamed Juhari; Shaharudin, Sayutia (Elsevier B.V., 2007)
      Conventional radiography is one of the common non-destructive testing which employs manual image interpretation. The interpretation is very subjective and depends much on the inspector experience and working conditions. ...