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    • AMCSKUK®: Aluminium Matrix Composite from AL SCRAP and Short Fibre-Alumina 

      Mohd Nazree Derman, Dr. (School of Materials Engineering, 2008-01-09)
      Application of the AMCSKUK using in small automotive component like screw washer, bolt, and nut. Can be used to replace current product made by particle reinforced metal matrix composite
    • Biocompatible CBHA 

      Sri Asliza Md Amin; Mohd Nazree Derman, Dr.; Mohd Zaheruddin Kasmuin; Norsuria Mohamed; Azida Azmi; Nurul Fazlina Zainal Abidin; Shahrizal Md Hussein (School of Materials Engineering, 2008-01-09)
    • Characteristic and corrosion studies of rare earth (REE) based anodizing on AZ91D magnesium alloy 

      Khalid Azadi, Mat Akhir; Mohd Zamzuri, Mohammad Zain; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Siti Norbahiyah, Mohamad Badari (Trans Tech Publications, 2014-01)
      Oxide coatings on AZ91D magnesium alloy were prepared using anodizing technique with 10mA/cm2 current density for 5 minutes in electrolyte containing Mg (NO₃)₂ with NaVO₃ as an additive. The corrosion behaviors of different ...
    • Characterization of F75-HAP produced by Powder Metallurgy method 

      Nur Maizatul Shima, Adzali; Shamsul Baharin, Jamaludin; Mohd Nazree, Derman; Nur Hidayah, Ahmad Zaidi (Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 2009-12-01)
      This research was carried out to study the properties of Co-Cr-Mo filled with different composition of HAP that have been prepared by powder metallurgy method. The raw materials used in this research were Co-Cr-Mo powder ...
    • Characterization of PM Fe-Cr-Y₂O₃ composites prepared by microwave sintering technology 

      Marina, Marzuki; Mohd Zamzuri, Mohammad Zain; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Mohd Asri, Selamat; Wan Abdul Rahman Assyahid, Wan Ibrahim; Nooraizedfiza, Zainon (Trans Tech Publications, 2014-01)
      This research is focused on assessing the feasibility of the new and innovative microwave sintering technology for fabricating iron-chromium composites prepared via powder metallurgy route. Accordingly, the microwave ...
    • Characterization of porous anodic aluminium oxide film on aluminium templates formed in anodizing process 

      Juyana, A. Wahab; Mohd. Nazree, Derman (Universiti Malaysia PerlisSchool of Materials Engineering & School of Environmental Engineering, 2010-06-09)
      A porous anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) films were successfully fabricated on aluminium templates by using anodizing technique. The anodizing process was done in the mixed acid solution of phosphoric acid and acetic ...
    • Comparison study in consolidation of yttria reinforced iron-chromium composites using conventional and microwave sintering technique 

      Marina, Marzuki; Mohd Zamzuri, Mohammad Zain; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Mohd Asri, Selamat; Nooraizedfiza, Zainon (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      This research is focused on studying the density and mechanical properties of iron-chromium composites consolidated by innovative rapid microwave sintering technology against conventionally sintered counterparts using slow ...
    • Conductive coating strategy for Magnesium alloy as a surface protection and reliability 

      Ooi Peng Sheng (Universiti Malaysia PerlisSchool of Materials Engineering, 2008)
      The methods and technologies in various coatings for magnesium alloys are studied. The magnesium alloy used in this final year project is AZ91D, which is still in very early using stages in semiconductor industry. This ...
    • Corrosion behavior of Al-Cu-Ni-Y alloys 

      Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Mohd Jeffry, Radzi; Kumar, R. (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      Al based alloy has been widely used in various industries. This research paper aims at the investigation onto the effect of the percentage of Cu and Ni alloying elements in the corrosion behavior of Al-Cu-Ni alloys. The ...
    • Corrosion behaviour of anodised powder metallurgy aluminium-magnesium composites 

      Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Kamrosni, Abdul Razak (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      The corrosion behavior of anodized powder metallurgy Al/2wt%Mg composites reinforced with the short fibre alumina Saffil™ was studied using potentiodynamic polarization in 3. 5% NaCl solutions. The materials under investigation ...
    • Corrosion behaviour of powder metallurgy aluminium matrix composite reinforced with alumina Saffil™ short fibre 

      Mohd Nazree, Derman; Normah, Che Man (Universiti Malaysia PerlisSchool of Materials Engineering & School of Environmental Engineering, 2010-06-09)
      The corrosion behaviour of PM Al composite will be affected by the presence of alloying element and reinforcing phase in the composite. This study focused on magnesium and alumina Saffil™ short fibres reinforcement affected ...
    • The corrosion studies of powder metallurgy Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) alloy 

      Zuraidawani, Che Daud; Shamsul Baharin, Jamaludin, Prof. Dr.; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Juyana, A Wahab          (AENSI Publisher All rights reserved, 2013-10)
      Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) alloy was investigated for biomedical application due to its mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance. This study has been focusing on the corrosion behavior of PM Co-Cr-Mo alloy. The Co-Cr-Mo ...
    • Cu-SiCp composites as advanced electronic packaging materials 

      Azmi, Kamardin; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri, Abdullah; Sandu, A.V. (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      The demand for advanced thermal management materials such as silicon carbide particles reinforced copper matrix (Cu-SiCp) composites is increasing due to the stringent design requirement in the electronic packaging industries. ...
    • Development of a Lid Sealed furnace for the production of Magnesium alloys 

      Shaiful Rizam, Shamsudin; Azmi, Kamardin; Mohd Nazree, Derman; Shamsul Baharin, Jamaludin; Azremi, Abdullah Al Hadi; A.M.H. Firdaus; Mazlee, Mohd Noor; C.I. Mahdi; Abdul Razak, Daud; Roslinda, Shamsudin (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), 2008-12-03)
      An atmosphere-controlled furnace was designed for the casting process of highly reactive Mg metal and its alloys. Instead of open crucible furnace, the melting process was done under controlled atmosphere which contained ...
    • Different concentration of Al(No₃)₃ In Zro₂/Al₂o₃ double layer coating steel prepared by electrolytic method 

      Siti Hawa, Mohamed Salleh; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Mohd Zaidi, Omar; Rohaya, Abdul Malek (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      Stainless steels, such as 440C steel are commonly used for engineering applications. The high carbon contents of this steel have significantly been attributed to low corrosion resistance properties. Surface modification ...
    • Effect of alloying elements (Ni and Cr) on density and hardness of Co alloy fabricated by powder metallurgy 

      Raudhah, Othman; Shamsul Baharin, Jamaludin; Mohd Nazree, Derman (Universiti Malaysia Perlisp.1-5, 2009-12-01)
      Influences of Ni and Cr addition on the properties of powder metallurgy Co base alloys were investigated. The alloys were produced by powder metallurgy technique and sintered under argon atmosphere. Scanning electron ...
    • Effect of anodizing parameters on the growth of porous anodic aluminum oxide on al-mn alloys 

      Voon, Chun Hong; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr. (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), 2012-06-18)
      In this study, the effect of manganese content, anodizing voltage and concentration of electrolyte on pore nucleation process during anodizing was studied from current density versus time transient. It was found that the ...
    • Effect of anodizing voltage on the morphology and growth kinetics of porous anodic alumina on Al-0.5 wt% Mn alloys 

      Voon, Chun Hong; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Foo, Kai Loong; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      In this study, the effect of anodizing voltage on the morphology of porous anodic alumina and growth kinetics of anodizing of aluminium manganese alloy was reported. It was found that the increasing anodizing voltage affect ...
    • Effect of Ca on the performance of Mg-Mn sacrificial anodes by electrochemical corrosion techniques 

      Shaiful Rizam, Shamsudin; C. I., Mahdi; Mohd Nazree, Derman; A. M. H., Firdaus; A. R., Daud; T., Loshniban (Universiti Malaysia PerlisSchool of Microelectronic Engineering and Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering (INEE), 2009-12-21)
      The aim of the study is to identify the effect of Ca in Mg-Mn alloy on electrochemical corrosion behaviour for development of high performance sacrificial anode. Mg alloys were fabricated by casting technique under an ...
    • Effect of deposition time on properties of ZrO2 coating prepared using electrolytic method 

      Siti Hawa, Mohamed Salleh; Terng, Lim Wuh; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Mohd Zaidi, Omar; Salmie Suhana, Che Abdullah (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      AISI 440C martensitic stainless steel is one of the most widely studied engineering materials for its tribological properties. It is capable of attaining the best mechanical properties such as high strength and hardness ...