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    • Comparison of single mode fiber and multimode fiber in deployment of SCM-OCDMA in local area network 

      Aliaa Mamoun, Kabbour; Hilal Adnan, Fadhil, Dr.; Angela, Amphawan; Syed Alwee Aljunid, Syed Junid, Prof. Dr.; Mohammad K.H., Al Mustafa (Trans Tech Publications, 2013-12)
      The integration of heterogeneous technologies promotes ubiquity and mobility. Optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) may be deployed in conjunction to SCM to improve the spectral efficiency and enhance the data rate ...
    • Generation of a new hybrid subcarrier multiplexing-SAC-OCDMA system based on FSO 

      Hussein Saad, Mohammed; Syed Alwee Aljunid, Syed Junid, Prof. Dr.; Hilal Adnan, Fadhil, Dr.; Thanaa Hussein, Abd.; Rashid Ali, Fayadh; Abdul Kram, Rahman (JATIT & LLS, 2013-12)
      This paper proposes hybrid Subcarrier Multiplying-Spectral Amplitude Coding-Optical Code Division Multiple Access system (SCM-SAC-OCDMA) based on the Free Space Optic (FSO) using Multi Diagonal (MD) code is. The proposed ...
    • Performance evaluation of Fi-Wi network based on SCM-optical code division multiple access architecture 

      Junita, Mohd Nordin; Syed Alwee Aljunid, Syed Junid, Prof. Dr.; Rosemizi, Abd. Rahim; Anuar, Mat Safar, Ir. Dr.; Amir Razif Arief, Jamil Abdullah, Dr.; R. Badlishah, Ahmad, Prof. Dr.; Mohamad Naufal, Mohamad Saad (Elsevier GmbH, 2013-10)
      This paper investigates the performance of a spectral amplitude coding (SAC)-OCDMA system design utilizing subcarrier multiplexing techniques for use in the popular fiber-wireless (Fi-Wi) technology. Zero cross correlation ...