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    • The effects of compiler optimizations on embedded system power consumption 

      Shuhaizar, Daud; R. Badlishah, Ahmad; Nukala S., Murhty (Inderscience Enterprises Limited, 2009)
      Power consumption is a subject of serious consideration in embedded systems design because embedded systems are constrained to stringent power and energy requirements. The mission of lowering power consumption and energy ...
    • Energy efficient segmentation-link strategies for transparent IP over WDM core networks 

      Mohd Nazri, Mohd Warip; Ivan, Andonovic; Ivan Glesk; Phaklen, Ehkan, Dr.; Fairul Afzal, Ahmad Fuad; Mohamed Elshaikh Elobaid, Said Ahmed (Engineering and Technology Publishing, 2014-01)
      Recent developments in Optical IP networks have heightened the need for reduction on power consumption via so called green photonics and concepts known as green networking. Adhering to these principles we proposed a novel ...
    • Low power reconfigurable sub-band filter bank ASIC for MP3 decoder 

      Gangamamba, B. P.; Muralidhar, P.; Murthy, N. S. (Inderscience Enterprises Limited, 2009)
      There is an ever demanding need to develop low power audio devices using MP3 technology. From the profiled results of MP3 algorithm on ARM processors, it has been observed that the synthesis filter bank in the audio ...