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    • Gait feature extraction and recognition in biometric system 

      Syed Nafis, Syed Ngah Ismail; Muhammad Imran, Ahmad; Said Amiru, l Anwar; Mohd Nazrin, Md Isa; Ruzelita, Ngadiran (Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, 2016)
      This research focus on the development an automatic human identification system using gait sequence images. Human identification is widely used in computer vision applications such as surveillance system, criminal ...
    • Lossy Compression of Biometric Images Implemented Using Floating Point DSP Processor 

      Azuwam Ali Alhadi, Azuwam; Muhammad Imran, Ahmad; Mohd Nazrin, Md Isa; Mohd Zaizu, Ilyas; Raja Abdullah, Raja Ahmad (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      In this paper, several numbers of biometric images are compressed in order to reduce the number of bits needed in representing an image with conservation of image quality. Biometric images compression is important to solve ...