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    • A dual band planar monopole antenna with inverted-M parasitic plane 

      Nurul, H. M R; Soh, Ping Jack; Azremi, Abdullah Al Hadi; Ibrahim, M.I.; R. Badlishah, Ahmad (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), 2007)
      Introduction of parasitic plane as additional radiator helps to produce desired resonant frequencies, while helping to minimize the size of the antenna. A dual-band monopole antenna with parasitic plane is designed to ...
    • Small antenna efficiency by the reverberation chamber and the Wheeler Cap methods 

      Azremi, Abdullah Al Hadi; Ghafouri Shiraz, H.; Hall, Peter S. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), 2005)
      Two methods of determining an antenna's efficiency are compared. Each of these methods was used to measure the efficiency of three different antennas (two monopole antennas with attenuator and surface mount resistor, and ...