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    • Rubber tire dust-rice husk pyramidal microwave absorber 

      Mohd Fareq, Abd. Malek, Dr.; Cheng, Ee Meng, Dr.; O., Nadiah; Nornikman, Hassan; M., Ahmed; M. Z. A., Abd Aziz; A. R., Osman; Soh, Ping Jack; Azremi, Abdullah Al Hadi; A., Hasnain; Mohd Nasir, Taib (EMW Publishing, 2011)
      Rubber tire dust-rice husk is an innovation in improving the design of pyramidal microwave absorbers to be used in radio frequency (RF) anechoic chambers. An RF anechoic chamber is a shielded room covered with absorbers ...
    • Smart receiver system of green hybrid antennas 

      Mohd. Faizal, Jamlos, Dr.; Muhammad Ramlee, Kamarudin, Assoc. Prof. Dr.; Mohd Fareq, Abd. Malek, Dr.; Muzammil, Jusoh, Dr.; Mohd A., Jamlos (Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2013-04)
      A hybrid of multiformities receiver system is proposed in this article.The system is developed through a combination of reconfigurable beam-steering antenna, reconfigurable beam-shaping antenna, and data acquisition (DAQ) ...