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    • A novel method for the synthesis of calcium carbonate (aragonite) nanoparticles from cockle shells 

      Kh Nurul, Islam; Md Zuki, Abu Bakar, Prof. Dr.; Md. Eaqub, Ali, Dr.; Mohd Zobir, Hussein, Prof. Dr.; Noordin, Mohamed Mustapha, Prof. Dr.; Loqman, Mohamad Yusof, Dr.; Hanif, Wahid; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Miah, Gous (Elsevier B.V., 2013-02)
      We report a simple, novel and low-cost method for the synthesis of aragonite nanoparticles from cockle shells. Aragonite is one of the least abundant biogenic polymorphs of calcium carbonate and is widely used as a biomaterial ...