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    • Analysis of Bulk Second-Order Ferroelectric Switching in Oscillatory Dynamical System 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif; Junaidah, Osman (Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia, 2004)
      A detailed analysis of polarization reversal in bulk for second-order ferroelectric (FE) phase transition material in the framework of the Landau model is presented. We focus on the changes of polarization P and its switching ...
    • The phenomenological theory of Far-Infrared spectroscopy for a ferroelectric fim system 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif; K.H. Chew; Tilley, David R.; Junaidah, Osman (Malaysian Institute of Physics & National University of Malaysia, 2004-10-05)
      We describe a detailed phenomenological theory of far-infrared (FIR) spectroscopy in symmetric and asymmetric ferroelectric (FE) film for the second and first-order phase transition. For the asymmetric FE film, a silicon ...
    • Far-infrared optical transmission through asymmetrical ferroelectric films 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif (Research India Publications, 2005)
      Investigation of far-infrared (FIR) spectroscopy for symmetrical ferroelectric (FE) films are discussed theoretically based on the basis of the Tilley-Zeks (TZ) model using Landau free energy expansion, Landau- Khalatnikov ...
    • Ferroelectric research: the basic fundamental understanding 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif (Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia, 2005)
      This paper gives an overview of the basic theoretical aspect of ferroelectric materials. The basic theoretical concepts are described from the Landau free-energy density F in the first and second-order ferroelectric phase ...
    • Oscillatory dynamical switching system of bulk ferroelectrics 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif; S. Daud; Junaidah Osman (Science Publications, 2005)
      This study gives a detailed account of calculation of the bulk ferroelectric (FE) oscillatory dynamical system switching for first and second-order phase transition, respectively. All the formalism is delineated in the ...
    • The physics of Tsunami: basic understanding of the Indian Ocean disaster 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif; Sharifah Norfaezah, Sabki (Science Publications, 2005)
      This study gives a simple physics explanation behind the Indian Ocean earthquake, called December 26th‘s Tsunami. The explanation based on physics energy conservation and wave properties have been used to understand this ...
    • A numerical approach of Polarization profile for First-Order Ferroelectric film system using Finite-Difference method 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif; Junaidah, Osman (Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia, 2005-05-18)
      A detail account of numerical calculations using Finite-Difference Method (FDM) to calculate the polarization profile in first-order ferroelectric (FE) film system is given. For film, both symmetric and asymmetric cases ...
    • Theoretical investigation of far-infrared optical behaviors in asymmentrical first-order ferroelectrtric thick film 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif; Khian Hooi, Chew; David R., Tilley; Junaidah, Osman (Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), 2005-12-06)
      This paper gives a detailed, fully numerical approach to investigate the behavior of far-infrared (FIR) waves in the first-order of asymmetrical thick film ferroelectrics on semiconductor substrate. The theoretical calculation ...
    • Surface state on first-order ferroelectrics 

      Junaidah, Osman; Tilley, David Reginald; Rosy, Teh; Ishibashi, Y.; Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif; Khian, Hooi Chew (Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2006)
      In the presence of a surface the Landau-Devonshire equations of ferroelectricity must be extended to include a boundary condition. For a ferroelectric with a second-order transition in the case when the polarization p(z) ...
    • Journal Impact Factor 

      Mohamad Nazri, Abdul Halif (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)Pejabat Timbalan Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan dan Inovasi), 2007-01)