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    • Design kit of variant parts via kitting system for mass customization in automotive industry 

      Najmuddin, W.S.W.A.,; Mohammad Taufiq, Mustaffa; Musa, M.A.,; Ibrahim, A.M.,; Kassim, N.I.,; Norhidayah, M.H.,; Faridah, S.A.B.S.N. (Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN), 2016)
      This present paper addresses on designing the kit parts for variant engine model in new kitting area of subassembly line, one of the main processes in final assembly line. To date, a variant model of vehicles leading to ...
    • Optical emission spectroscopy analysis of atmospheric plasma jet plume on bacteria inactivation 

      Nor Aimi, Saad; Zaaba, S.K.,; Mohammad Taufiq, Mustaffa; Zakaria, A.,; Roslan, Md Nor; Shahriman, Abu Bakar; Tetsuya, Akitsu (Penerbit UTM Press, 2015)
      In this paper, an atmospheric plasma jet plasma plume generated using Helium gas was investigated for reactive plasma species. The method of investigation is by using Optical Emission Spectroscopy analysis. Observation of ...
    • Repeated positioning of a pneumatic cylinder with enhancing use of proximity switches 

      Mohammad Taufiq, Mustaffa; Hidetoshi, Ohuchi (Fuji Technology Press Ltd., 2012-09)
      This paper introduces a technique employing repeated intermediate positionings, which are controlled by sequential on-off actions of solenoid valves, of a pneumatic cylinder. The motion of the piston slider is detected by ...