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    • A novel approach evaluation for enhancing networks 

      Satea, Hikmat Alnajjar; Mohd Sharazel, Razalli; Mohd Fareq, Abd.Malek (Malaysian Technical Universities Network (MTUN), 2012-11-20)
      This study reveals for a creation of a system that has the ability to prove the technical feasibility and the advantages of a joint Radio Frequency and fiber optic system with self-trace directional control between deployed ...
    • Aerial platforms to ensure communications reliability in disaster areas 

      Satea Hikmat, Alnajjar; Mohd Fareq, Abdul Malek, Dr.; Mohd Sharazel, Razalli; Mohd Saufi, Ahmad (American Scientific Publishers, 2014-02)
      Wireless mobile networking technology can be used to reduce a negative effect that occurs in disaster areas. This study, will present an innovative technique via utilize a Low-altitude platform, in order to provide expanded ...