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    • Hydrofuel Generator X for Mini 4 Stroke Engine 

      Nur Saifullah, Kamarrudin; Md Tasyrif, Abdul Rahman; Ishak, Ibrahim; Muhamad Ikbal, Azudin (Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), 2010-05-14)
      Generated HHO gas is allowed to mix with air in the suction chamber. This mixture will work as combustion enhancement agent when injected into internal combustion engine. The usage of this mixture wikk reduce the conventional ...
    • Stochastic multi-scale analysis of homogenised properties considering uncertainties in cellular solid microstructures using a first-order perturbation 

      Khairul Salleh, Basaruddin; Nur Saifullah, Kamarrudin; Ishak, Ibrahim (Argentinean Association of Computational Mechanics, Brazilian Association of Computational Mechanics, Mexican Association of Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2014)
      Randomness in the microstructure due to variations in microscopic properties and geometrical information is used to predict the stochastically homogenised properties of cellular media. Two stochastic problems at the ...