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    • Physical properties of Al/Calcined Dolomite Metal Matrix composite by Powder Metallurgy Route 

      Banjuraizah, Johar; N.A. Rejab; N.K. Su; M.S. Talib; Azlin Fazlina, Osman; Nur Maizatul Shima, Adzali; Mohamad Hatta, Musa (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), 2007-06-09)
      Calcined dolomite is dolomite powder that had been calcined at high temperature. This paper describes the fabrication of aluminum metal matrix composite reinforced with calcined dolomite by powder metallurgy route. The ...
    • Preliminary study of hap addition to Co-Cr-Mo alloy fabricated by powder metallurgy method 

      Nur Maizatul Shima, Adzali; Shamsul Baharin, Jamaludin; Mohd Nazree, Derman; Nur Hidayah, Ahmad Zaidi (SIRIM, 2010-11-22)
      This preliminary study of HAP addition in Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) was carried out by powder metallurgy method. The lab work comprises the mixing of Co-Cr-Mo with different HAP (hydroxyapatite) composition which varied from 0 wt. ...
    • Synthesis and characterization of pure magnesium/bio-glass composite 

      Mohd Amin Farhan, Zaludin; Shamsul Baharin,  Jamaludin, Prof. Dr.; Nur Maizatul Shima, Adzali, Dr; Norhamidi, Muhammad, Prof. Dr (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      In this study, bio-glass 45S5 powder was added to pure magnesium powder to produce the magnesium/bio-glass composite by powder metallurgy method. The composite was synthesized based on 5 wt. %, 10 wt. % and 15 wt. % of ...