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    • Fabrication and characterisation of powder metallurgy Fe-Cr Matrix composites reinforced with Al2O3 

      Saidatulakmar, Shamsuddin; Shamsul, Baharin Jamaludin, Prof. Dr.; Zuhailawati, Hussain, Dr.; Zainal Arifin, Ahmad, Prof. (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      Sintered powder metallurgy Fe based composites with advanced mechanical properties have been proposed as substitutes for more expensive cemented carbide and wrought alloys in many applications, especially as inexpensive ...
    • Sustainable porous materials for gas adsorption applications; A concise review 

      Wai, Hoong Chan; Mazlee, Mohd Noor, Dr.; Zainal Arifin, Ahmad, Prof.; Shamsul Baharin,  Jamaludin, Prof. Dr.; Mohd Azlan, Mohd Ishak, Prof. Madya Dr; Muhammad Shahar, Jusoh, Dr. (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      Many new sustainable porous materials were developed for gas adsorption applications. Common materials such as activated carbon, clay materials and metal organic framework (MOF) that utilized as potential porous adsorption ...