This page provides access to research works by Prof. Dr.Raymond Boon Whee Heng, currently a Professor of School of Mechatronic Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).


Skills and Expertise: Acoustic Engineering.

Recent Submissions

  • Feature based classification for classroom speech intelligibility prediction 

    M. Ridhwan, Tamjis; Sazali, Yaacob, Prof. Dr.; Pandian, Paulraj Murugesa, Prof. Dr.; Ahmad Nazri, Abdullah; Boon, Raymond Whee Heng,Prof. Dr. (IEEE Conference Publications, 2011-09)
    Education is one of the most important aspects in human life. Nowadays, a quality education not only rely on the teaching itself, but also the environment. One of the important aspects in providing an educative environment ...
  • Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic tranducers: Technology and application 

    Muhammed Sabri, Salim; Mohd Fareq, Abd. Malek, Dr.; Boon, Raymond Whee Heng, Prof. Dr.; Khairudi, Mohd Juni.; Naseer, Sabri (Elsevier B.V., 2012-03)
    Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic tranducers (cMUTs) have recently emerged as an alternative to conventional piezoelectric transducers. They offer many advantages in terms of bandwidth, fabrication of layer arrays, ...
  • Control follower robot speed based on ultrasonic echo 

    Muhammed, S. Salim; Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek, Dr.; R.B.W., Heng; Khairudi, Mohd Juni; Naseer Sabri, Salim (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), 2012-06-18)
    In this research the dynamic speed profile generation system made up of fuzzy logic and ultrasonic sensors is evaluated. The echo power signal measurement permits us to endow the robot with capacity for pursuing and ...
  • Load-displacement behavior of RBD palm stearin oil lubricant quantity in cold extrusion 

    Mohd Hafis, Sulaiman; Mohd Ridzuan, Mohd Jamir; Mohd Afendi, Rojan; Imaduddin Helmi, Wan Nordin; Boon, Raymond Whee Heng; Syahrullail, Samion, Dr. (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekatronik, 2012-02-27)
    Large consumption of lubricant may affect the environment due to their high potential of pollution. Therefore, there is significant demand to provide a solution to this current condition by using alternative lubricant ...
  • Use of recycled cement-based slurry water for making concrete 

    Low, Giau Leong; K.Y., Ng; W.L., Ng; C.T., Tam; R.B.W., Heng (The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, 2007-12)
    Due to limited water resources in Singapore and the escalating cost of potable water, industries are constantly encouraged and challenged not only to generate less wastewater, but to recycle, reuse or reclaim as much as ...
  • Performance comparison of the artificial neural network and the k-nearest neighbor classifiers in classroom speech intelligibility prediction application 

    M. Ridhwan, Tamjis; M. Naufal, Mansor; Pandiyan, Paulraj Murugesa, Prof. Madya Dr.; Sazali, Yaacob, Prof. Dr.; Ahmad Nazri, Abdullah, Prof. Madya Dr.; Boon, Raymond Whee Heng, Prof. Dr. (Science Academy, 2011-03)
    Classroom speech intelligibility has become one of the major concerns in education nowadays. In any classrooms and educational facilities, an optimal speech intelligibility level is required to ensure that the listeners ...