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    • Flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete slab with opening 

      Koh, Heng Boon; Abu Bakar, Mohamad Diah; Lee, Yee Loon (Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2009-06-20)
      An experimental work was conducted to determine the structural performance of oneway reinforced concrete (RC) slabs with rectangular opening. 5 types of RC slabs which consist of 2 panels for each type were tested ...
    • Foamed aggregate pervious concrete – An option for road on peat 

      Lee, Yee Loon; Goh, Kau Soon; Koh, Heng Boon; Ismail, Bakar (Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2009-06-20)
      Foamed aggregate is a novel controlled density material developed for road construction on peat. This paper reports recent findings of the mix design and test method of pervious concrete. The high porosity allows ...