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    • Ferroelectric and relaxor ferroelectric to paralectric transition based on Lead Magnesium Niobate (PMN) materials 

      Rozana Aina, Maulat Osman, Dr.; Mohd Sobri, Idris, Dr.; Zul Azhar, Zahid Jamal, Dato Prof. Dr.; Sanna, Taking, Dr.; Syarifah Norfaezah, Sabki, Dr.; Poopalan, Prabakaran, Dr.; Mohd Natashah, Norizan; Ili Salwani, Mohamad (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      First ferroelectric materials were found in Rochelle salt was in a perovskite structure. Lead Magnesium Niobate (PMN) is a perovskites with a formula of PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3 (PMN) and are typical representatives for most of all ...