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    • Effects of reaction time on the morphological, structural, and gas sensing properties of ZnO nanostructures 

      Shahid, Hussain; Tianmo, Liu; Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Faroow; Lin, Liyang; Wu, Shufang; Weiwei, Guo; Wen, Zeng; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Elsevier, 2014-02)
      Morphological transformation was achieved from ZnO hexagonal needle-like rods to hexagonal flower-like rods by varying the reaction growth time using the hydrothermal method. Optical bandgap energies were calculated from ...
    • Sol-gel synthesis of ZnO nanorods for ultrasensitive detection of acetone 

      Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Faroow; Md. Eaqub, Ali, Dr.; Syed Muhammad Usman, Ali Shah, Dr.; Foo, Kai Loong; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Willander, Magnus (American Scientific Publishers, 2013-12)
      ZnO nanorods were synthesized on low cost thermally oxidized silicon substrate using a simple and easily performable sol-gel spin coating technique followed by hydrothermal growth. C-axis orientation, good crystalline ...