This page provides access to research works by Lee Chang Chuan,Ts. Dr. currently a Senior Lecturer of School of Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis.


Skills and Expertise:Composites,Manufacturing Engineering,Implant and Powder Metallurgy.

Recent Submissions

  • Morphology and phase evolution in microwave synthesized Al/Fe 3O 4 system 

    Chuan, L.C.,; Yoshikawaa, N.,; Taniguchia, S. (2011)
    Thermite reaction between Al/Fe 3O 4raised by microwave (MW) heating under N2 atmosphere has been investigated, and compared with that by the electric furnace. In addition to the stoichiometric ratio for the production of ...
  • Microwave irradiation assisted synthesis of silicon carbide nanotubes 

    Tony, V.; Voon, C.H.; Lee, Chang Chuan, Dr; Lim, B.Y.; Rahman, W.; Uda, Hashim; Ruslinda, Abdul Rahim; Mohd Khairuddin, Md Arshad; Foo, Kai Loong; Gopinath, S.C.B. ,; Ayoib, A. ,; Thivina, V. ,; Ba Hashwan, S.S. (Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland., 2016)
    Conventional methods for the synthesis of silicon carbide were well studied and these methods included carbothermal reduction, mechanical milling, sol-gel process and others. However, conventional methods have limitations ...
  • Microwave-induced substitutional-combustion reaction of Fe 3O4/Al ceramic matrix porous composite 

    Lee, Chang Chuan; Yoshikawa, Noboru; Taniguchi, Shoji (Elsevier B.V., 2011-11)
    Microwave processing and substitutionalcombustion reaction have been utilized to fabricate ceramic matrix porous composite from the thermite reaction of Fe3O4/Al system. Stoichiometric and mixtures with lower and over ...
  • Porous glass composite as diesel particulate filter and the microwave regeneration 

    Lee, Chang Chuan; Yoshikawa, Noboru (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2014-07)
    In this study, porous SiO2•RO/stainless steel composite body was prepared through the polyurethane sponge replica method. Porous samples obtained through sintering consist of well dispersed and distributed stainless steel ...