This page provides access to research works by Dr. Sara Yasina Binti Yusuf, currently a Senior Lecturer of School of Environmental Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).


Skills and Expertise: Environment, Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy, Energy Engineering, Energy Conversion, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy and Environment Protection, Electrodes, Voltammetry, Electrolytes, Air Pollution Modeling, Biomass Burning, Atmospheric Aerosols and Carbon Footprint.

Recent Submissions

  • Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide into formate 

    Tan, Tiek A.; Sara Yasina, Yusuf; Umi Fazara, Md. Ali (Taylor's University College, 2015)
    The electrochemical reduction of CO2 dioxide into HCOO- on a Sn cathode is well described in literature. However, the issue of deactivation and loss of Sn and a suitable non-aqueous supporting electrolyte remains unresolved. ...