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    • Characteristics of developed granules containing phototrophic aerobic bacteria for minimizing carbon dioxide emission 

      Salmiati; Farrah Aini, Dahalan; Mohamed Zuhaili, Mohamed Najib; Mohd. Razman, Salim; Zaini, Ujang (Elsevier Limited, 2015-08-01)
      Photosynthetic process compromises the most effective and natural way for carbon recycling, in which photosynthetic bacteria utilized carbon dioxide (CO2) during the wastewater treatment processes. The aim of this study ...
    • A proposed aerobic granules size development scheme for aerobic granulation process 

      Farrah Aini, Dahalan; Norhayati, Abdullah; Muhammad Yuzir, Muhamad Ali; Olsson, Gustaf; Salmiati, Muhd Yunus; Myzairah, Hamdzah; Mohd Fadhil, Mohd Din; Siti Aqlima, Ahmad; Khalilah, Abdul Khalil; Aznah, Nor Anuar; Noor Zainura, Z ainon; Zaini, Ujang (Elsevier, 2015-04-01)
      Aerobic granulation is increasingly used in wastewater treatment due to its unique physical properties and microbial functionalities. Granule size defines the physical properties of granules based on biomass accumulation. ...
    • Removal of Ni(II), Zn(II) and Pb(II) from aqueous solutions using cation-exchange resin in fixed-bed column 

      Myzairah, Hamdzah; Zaini, Ujang; Mohamed Mahmoud, Nasef; Norhayati, Abdullah; Farrah Aini, Dahalan (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2015-10-13)
      Breakthrough curves for the removal of Ni(II), Zn(II), and Pb(II) from aqueous solutions using cation exchange resin (Dowex 50W) were determined at dynamic conditions in a fixed-bed column under ambient temperature. The ...