This page provides access to research works by Ishak Ibrahim, currently a Lecturer of School of Mechatronic Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis.


Skills and Expertise:Materials,Mechanical Properties,Mechanical Behavior of Materials,Materials Processing,Mechanical Engineering,Tensile Testing,Welding,Steel,Fabrication,Aerosols and Friction-Stir Welding

Recent Submissions

  • Stochastic multi-scale analysis of homogenised properties considering uncertainties in cellular solid microstructures using a first-order perturbation 

    Khairul Salleh, Basaruddin; Nur Saifullah, Kamarrudin; Ishak, Ibrahim (Argentinean Association of Computational Mechanics, Brazilian Association of Computational Mechanics, Mexican Association of Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2014)
    Randomness in the microstructure due to variations in microscopic properties and geometrical information is used to predict the stochastically homogenised properties of cellular media. Two stochastic problems at the ...
  • Study on strength of V-shaped epoxy adhesive joint 

    Mohd Afendi; Mohd Hafis, Sulaiman; Ishak, Ibrahim; Nakajima, Toru; Maeda, Masashi; Teramoto, Tokuo (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekatronik, 2012-02-27)
    This paper deals with strength and failure prediction of V-shaped epoxy adhesive joint. The effect of scarf angle and bond thickness upon the joint strength is investigated by tensile test. A simple failure criterion ...
  • Simulation of crack analysis on a plate with ellipse and small rivet holes 

    Mohd Sofian, Mohd Rosbi; Hazry, Desa; Nur Saifullah; Md Tasyrif, Abdul Rahman; Ishak, Ibrahim; Mohd Khairul Faizi, Abd Rahman (Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), 2009-06-20)
    This paper is about simulation of crack analysis on a plate with ellipse and small rivet holes. This simulation is show the condition on a plate which has 8 rivet holes around the ellipse hole. This dimension of the plat ...