About Associate Professor Dr. Nora Jullok

Associate Professor Dr. Nora Jullok is currently a Associate Professor at Faculty of Chemical Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

He was formerly from School of Bioprocess Engineering

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0735-4402

Scopus Author ID: 53463717100

Email: Nora Jullok

Research Interests


Membrane Separation

Membrane Technology

Reverse Osmosis


Skills and Expertise: Water Quality, Wastewater Treatment, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, Analytical Chemistry, Wastewater Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biological Wastewater Treatment, Separation Technology, Water Purification Technologies, Drinking Water Quality, Environmental Chemistry, Wastewater Analysis, Wastewater, Wastewater Management, Waste Treatment, Green Chemistry, Separation Science, Membranes, Water Purification, Membrane Technology, Membrane Separation, Filtration, Desalination, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Filtration, Separation Techniques, Ion Exchange Resins, Hollow Fibers, Biofouling, Electrodialysis, Membrane and Science.

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