About Dr. Tan Wee Choon

Dr. Tan Wee Choonis currently a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

He was formerly from School of Mechatronic Engineering

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0615-9800

Scopus Author ID: 54891879100

Email: Tan Wee Choon

Research Interests

Composite Material

Heat Transfer

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Thermodynamics

Thermal Engineering


Skills and Expertise: Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery, Composite Material, Smart Materials

Recent Submissions

  • Design and development of an Emotional Stress Indicator (ESI) kit 

    Azian Azamimi, Abdullah; Umida Hafsah, Hassan (IEEE Conference Publications, 2012)
    Emotional Stress Indicator (ESI) kit is a wearable sensor device that used to measure the human stress level. Many people out there do not aware about their level of stress that will give a big impact in their life. So ...
  • Optimization of Tesla Turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics approach 

    Aik, Lim Eng; Jer, Foo Shy; Choon, Tan Wee; Rahman, A. A (IEEE Conference Publications, 2011)
    A Tesla turbine is developed in order to utilize the potential energy within household water supply and convert to electricity energy without significant head loss. Pressure within the water supply having higher potential ...
  • Developing land use scenario dynamics using cellular automata and agent Integrated model 

    Aik, Lim Eng; Choon, Tan Wee (IEEE Conference Publications, 2011)
    An integrated model of Cellular Automata (CA) and Agent is developed to model land use scenario changes and its potential impact on the structure and function in typical region which are helpful to understand the mechanism ...
  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis of shelland-double concentric-tube heat exchanger 

    Choon, Tan Wee; Mohd Shahril, Shariff; Law, Matthew; Aik, Lim Eng (IEEE Conference Publications, 2011)
    A shell-and-double concentric-tube heat exchanger is a new invention in heat transfer devices that is used for transfer of internal thermal energy between three fluids at different temperatures. The structure of the ...
  • Investigation of water hammer effect through pipeline system 

    Tan, Wee Choon; Prakash, Churia; Lim, Eng Aik; Teoh, Thean Hin (Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development (INSIGHT), 2012)
    This paper we study the condition where the water hammer effect is occurs in pipe line. Water hammer can cause the pipe to break if the pressure is high enough. The experiment will be set-up to investigate the water hammer ...
  • Development of low wind speed anemometer 

    Tan, Wee Choon; Prakash, Churia; Lim, Eng Aik; Theoh, Thean Hin (Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development (INSIGHT), 2012)
    Anemometer is a measuring device used to measure the wind speed of an area. Before design or installing a wind turbine, it is important to determine the average wind speed of that particular area throughout the year. But ...
  • Simulating evacuations with obstacles using a modified dynamic cellular automata model 

    Lim, Eng Aik; Tan, Wee Choon (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
    A modified dynamic cellular automata model is proposed to simulate the evacuation of occupants from a room with obstacles. The model takes into account some factors that play an important role in an evacuation process, ...