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    • Zalafeed: High Fiber and Protein Husbandry Ingredient from Salak Waste Industries 

      Khairul Farihan, Kasim; Mohamed Zulkali, Mohamed Daud, Prof. Madya Dr.; Rohazita, Bahari; Ku Syahidah, Ku Ismail; Noor Hasyierah, Mohd Salleh; Hafizah, Mohd Johar; Hafiza, Shukor; Sriyana, Abdullah (Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), 2007-05-18)
      Salak or Salacca zalacca is a special palm tree (family Arecacae) native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Salak fruit grow in the clusters at the base of the palm and are also known as snakefruit due to the reddish-brown scaly skin.