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    • Gold nanoparticle sensor for the visual detection of pork adulteration in meatball formulation 

      Md Eaqub, Ali; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Shuhaimi, Mustafa, Assoc. Prof. Dr.; Yaakob, Che Man, Prof. Datuk Dr.; Kh. N. Islam (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
      We visually identify pork adulteration in beef and chicken meatball preparations using 20 nm gold nanoparticles (GNPs) as colorimetric sensors. Meatball is a popular food in certain Asian and European countries. Verification ...
    • Hexagon platinum Schottky contact with ZnO thin film for hydrogen sensing 

      Mas Elyza, Mohd Azol; Nafarizal, Nayan, Prof. Madya Dr.; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Faroow; Mahnaz, Shafiei; Loew,  Pei Ling; Rashidah @ Siti Saedah, Arsat, Dr. (Penerbit UTM Press, 2013)
      This paper reports on the study of the effect on adding total peripheries and sharp edges to the Schottky contact as a hydrogen sensor. Schottky contact was successfully designed and fabricated as hexagon-shape. The contact ...
    • High speed and low power devices : bulk silicon versus SOI 

      Uda Hashim, Assoc. Prof. Dr. (Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia, 2005-04)
    • Highly selective molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) based sensor array using interdigitated electrode (IDE) platform for detection of mango ripeness 

      Huzein Fahmi, Hawari; Nurul Maisyarah, Samsudin; Ali Yeon, Md Shakaff, Prof. Dr.; Yufridin, Wahab, Dr.; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Ammar, Zakaria; Supri, Abdul Ghani, Prof. Madya Dr.; Mohd Noor, Ahmad, Prof. Dr. (Elsevier B.V., 2013)
      Detection of mango ripeness was performed by developing a highly selective molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) layer combined with interdigitated electrode (IDE) as sensor. Mango volatiles from different week of ripeness ...
    • Impact of hydrogen concentrations on the impedance spectroscopic behavior of Pd-sensitized ZnO nanorods 

      Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Faroow; Md. Eaqub, Ali, Dr.; Syed Muhammad Usman, Ali Shah, Dr.; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Sharifah Bee, O.A Abd Hamid, Prof. Dr. (Licensee Springer, 2013)
      ZnO nanorods were synthesized using a low-cost sol-gel spin coating technique. The synthesized nanorods were consisted of hexagonal phase having c-axis orientation. SEM images reflected perpendicular ZnO nanorods forming ...
    • The Impacts of Platinum Diffusion to the Reverse Recovery Lifetime of a High Power Diode Devices 

      C.M., Cheh; Mohd Khairuddin, Md Arshad; Ruslinda, Abdul Rahim; C., Ibau; Voon, Chun Hong; Ramzan, Mat Ayub; Uda, Hashim (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      The reverse recovery lifetime of a diode is one the key parameter in power electronics market. To make a diode with fast switching speed, diodes are often doped with impurities such as gold and platinum to improve its ...
    • Influence of current density on porous silicon characteristics 

      Husnen R., Abd; Naser Mahmoud, Ahmed, Dr.; Yarub, Al-Douri, Assoc. Prof. Dr.; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      Porous silicon structures have been fabricated by electrochemical etching using different current density. From field emission scanning electron microscope images (FE-SEM) it was observed that more uniform distribution of ...
    • Influence of shear strength on long term biased humidity reliability of Cu ball bonds 

      Chong, Leong Gan; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Springer Science+Business Media New York, 2014-10)
      This paper compares and discusses the influence of shear strength (in terms of shear-per mils-square) of Au and Cu ball bonds on the biased humidity reliability performance in SOIC 8LD leaded package. Biased (HAST) highly ...
    • Investigation of the absorption coefficient, refractive index, energy band gap, and film thickness for Al0.11Ga0.89N, Al0.03Ga0.97N, and GaN by optical transmission method 

      Naser M., Ahmed; Zaliman, Sauli; Uda, Hashim; Yarub, Al-Douri (Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 2009)
      The design of optoelectronic devices fabricated from III-Nitride materials is aided by knowledge of refractive index and absorption coefficient of these materials .The optical properties of Al0.11Ga0.89N, Al0.03Ga0.97N, ...
    • ISFET for pH Sensor 

      Mohd Naim, Haron; Mustaqim Rahimi, Mokhtar (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), 2010-09-26)
      ISFET is an ionic Sensitive Field Effect Transistor that has similar structure to that of a conventional MOSFET.
    • Isolation, characterization, and identification of biological control agent for potato soft rot in Bangladesh 

      Mohammad Mizanur Mustafizur, Rahman; Md Eaqub, Ali, Dr.; Adalat, Khan; Abdul Mannan, Akanda, Dr.; Md Kamal, Uddin; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Sharifah Bee, Abd Hamid, Prof. Dr. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
      A total of 91 isolates of probable antagonistic bacteria of potato soft rot bacterium Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora (Ecc) were extracted from rhizospheres and endophytes of various crop plants, different soil ...
    • Low cost detection of pH and its effect on the capacitive behavior of micro-gap sensor 

      Qazi Muhammad, Humayun; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      The article describes the fabrication and characterization of silver microgap sensor on silicon substrate. By employing cheap photolithography process the proposed microgap sensor has been fabricated. The silver microgap ...
    • Low cost diffuser based micropump using pinch actuation 

      Chee, Pei Song; Ruzairi, Abdul Rahim; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Rashidah, Arsat; Leow, Pei Ling (, 2011-12)
      Planar pinch micropump with the integration of two diffuser valve elements has been reported. The fabrication of the micropump is carried out by utilizing simple hot embossing technique for microdiffuser imprinting and ...
    • Low cost fabrication of micromixer and microchamber for microfluidic lab-on-chip 

      Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa; M. Wesam, Al-Mufti; Ling, Peter Jie Lung; Shahrul Aizzam, Ariffin (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2012)
      Microfluidic technology has been given the contribution in biomedical and chemistry. The testing and diagnosis on bio-reagents has the efficiency increased through the implementation of microfluidic technology, such as lab ...
    • Man-2403 resist development for electron beam lithography process 

      Nur Hamidah, Abdul Halim; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Mohammad Nuzaihan, Md Nor (Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2009-06-20)
      Line-width of resist patterns is more susceptible to the developing time than the thickness of the undeveloped resist. This project focused on the development of MaN-2403 resist for e-beam lithography process. The ...
    • Mask design and fabrication of LiSFET for light sensor application 

      Uda, Hashim; Kasim, Abdul Rahman; Amir Razif Arief, Jamil Abdullah (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), 2008-12-01)
      The usage of MOSFET is not limited as amplifier and switch only but it has great potential to become the sensors when sensing mediums which integrated on to MOSFET. This research is intended to study the combination of ...
    • Mask design and fabrication of Micro/Nanowire biochip for reliable and repeatability pattern transfer 

      Veeradasan, Perumal; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      In Micro/Nanowire fabrication, the alignment and exposure process are the most critical steps in photolithography process, and indeed for the whole biochip processing. This process determines the success of transferring ...
    • Mask design and simulation: Computer aided design for lab-on-chip application 

      Veeradasan, Perumal; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      A simple design and simulation of microwire, contact pad and microfluidic channel on computer aided design (CAD) for chrome mask fabrication are described.The integration of microfluidic and nanotechnology for miniaturized ...
    • Mask design for the reproducible fabrication and reliable pattern transfer for polysilicon nanowire 

      Tijjani Adam, Shuwa; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Leow, Pei Ling (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012)
      In fabrication of Nanowire alignment and exposure are the most critical steps in photolithography process, the resolution requirements and precise alignment are vital, each mask needs to be precisely aligned with original ...
    • Mask design platform for zinc oxide nanowire growth 

      Rajintra Prasat, Haarindra Prasat; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      This paper mainly represent the simple and effective method to design the chrome mask for patterning the platform for zinc oxide nanowire growth. The most essential aspect that need to be considered in designing the chrome ...