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    • Bidirectional flow micropump based on dynamic rectification 

      Pei, Song Chee; Ruzairi, Abdul Rahim, Prof. Dr. ; Rashidah @ Siti Saedah, Arsat, Dr.; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Loew,  Pei Ling, Dr. (Elsevier B.V., 2013)
      This paper proposes a new bidirectional pumping principle based on a dynamic rectification mechanism. The pump is composed of a moveable actuation platform and a gourd-shaped chamber, whose role is to behave as both a ...
    • Biotechnological processes in microbial Amylase production 

      Subash C. B., Gopinath; Periasamy, Anbu; Mohd Khairuddin, Md Arshad; Thangavel, Lakshmipriya; Chun, Hong Voon; Uda, Hashim; Suresh V., Chinni (Hindawi Limited, 2017-02-09)
      Amylase is an important and indispensable enzyme that plays a pivotal role in the field of biotechnology. It is produced mainly from microbial sources and is used in many industries. Industrial sectors with top-down and ...
    • Borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG) reflow characterization for submicron CMOS technology 

      Uda, Hashim; Ramzan, Mat Ayub; Nik Hazura, Nik Hamat (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2007)
      This paper involves the planarization of borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG) film using a new recipe for annealing process to improve the borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG) film flatness after reflow. This improvement is for ...
    • Brief review on ZnO Synthesis methods, thin film & nanowire gas sensors 

      M., Kashif; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)Centre for Graduate Studies, 2010-10-16)
      ZnO nanowires are ideal building blocks for a wide range of nanoscale electronics, optoelectronics, and chemical sensing devices. The material properties change when the material is in nanowire form as compare to thin film ...
    • Canine-specific PCR assay targeting cytochrome b gene for the detection of dog meat adulteration in commercial frankfurters 

      Md. Eaqub, Ali; Md. Mahfujur, Rahman; Sharifah Bee, Abd Hamid; Shuhaimi, Mustafa; Bhassu, Subha; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Springer, 2014-01)
      This report described a cytochrome b (cytb)-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay for the detection of canine tissues in commercial frankfurters. Discriminating detection of canine derivatives in processed food ...
    • CdS film thickness characterization by R.F. magnetron sputtering 

      Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Kasim, Abdul Rahman; Hakim; Mohd Azri, Othman (American Institute of Physics, 2009-06-01)
      In this work, cadmium sulphide (CdS) target with 99.999% purity was used as a target in RF magnetron sputtering. The sputtering experiment was conducted onto silicon oxide substrates at different temperatures ranging from ...
    • Chalcogenide nanostructures: Topography, synthesis, properties, and applications 

      Yarub, Al-Douri; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (AIP Publishing LLC, 2014)
      High-quality Cadmium sulfide (CdS) nanostructures for high-efficiency optoelectronic devices were prepared at different annealing temperatures using a sol-gel spin-coating method. Atomic force microscopy and X-ray diffraction ...
    • Characterisation, analysis and optical properties of nanostructure ZnO using the sol-gel method 

      Muhammad, Kashif; Yarub, Al-Douri, Assoc. Prof. Dr.; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Md. Eaqub, Ali; Syed Muhammad Usman, Ali; Willander, Magnus, Prof (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2012-02)
      Nanostructure ZnO was grown on thin aluminium layer, deposited on silicon substrate using the sol-gel method. The surface morphologies of nanostructure ZnO at different precursor concentrations were studied using scanning ...
    • Characteristics of Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI) timing parameters for optical mouse sensor 

      Mohd Khairuddin, Md Arshad; Uda, Hashim; Choo, C.M. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), 2006)
      In this paper we report the characterizations results of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) timing parameters for optical mouse sensor. SPI is an interface that facilitates the transfer of synchronous serial data. It supports ...
    • Characterization of intermetallic growth of gold ball bonds on aluminum bond pads 

      Mohd Khairuddin, Md Arshad; Lim, Moy Fung; Mohammad Nuzaihan Md. Noor; Uda, Hashim (University of Malaya, 2008)
      In this paper the intermetallic growth between gold ball bond and aluminum bond pad are studied. It involves thermal aging at 150 °C and 200 °C for various time intervals. The relationship between electrical resistance and ...
    • The characterization of power supply noise for optical mouse sensor 

      Mohd Khairuddin, Md Arshad; Uda, Hashim; Ming, Choo Chew (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), 2006)
      The induced power supply noise (sinusoidal waveform) that injected to Vdd pin will cause unwanted spike at the positive amplitude and negative amplitude to the DC input voltage. At certain limit this spike will cause the ...
    • Characterization of robust alignment mark to improve alignment performance 

      Normah, Ahmad; Uda, Hashim; Mohd Jefrey, Manaf; Kader, Ibrahim (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), 2006)
      Overlay requirement is one of the biggest obstacles in achieving a very small feature. With the continued growth of small feature size, overlay requirement becomes tighter. Such a tight requirement requires a very high ...
    • Chrome mask design for microfluidic fabrication 

      Perumal, Veeradasan; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      This paper presents a simple and effective method to design chrome mask for microfludic fabrication. Microfluidic fabrication involves 9 major step and mainly depends on the master mold template formation by SU-8 photoresists ...
    • Comparative reliability studies and analysis of Au, Pd-coated Cu and Pd-doped Cu wire in microelectronics packaging 

      Gan, Chong Leong; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Public Library of Science, 2013-11)
      This paper compares and discusses the wearout reliability and analysis of Gold (Au), Palladium (Pd) coated Cu and Pd-doped Cu wires used in fineline Ball Grid Array (BGA) package. Intermetallic compound (IMC) thickness ...
    • Computational micro fluid dynamics using COMSOL multiphysics for sample delivery in sensing domain 

      Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa; Diyana, P. N. A.; Ten, Seng Teik (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2012)
      Engineering of fluid flow with within various structure for different application is a scientific quest and Microfluidic devices present a powerful platform for working with living cells and other medical application. The ...
    • COMSOL Multiphysics Simulation in biomedical engineering 

      Tijjani Adam, Shuwa; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr. (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      In the past two decades, COMSOL Multiphysics Software Package have emerged as a powerful tool for simulation, particularly in Nanotechnology and most importantly in biomedical application and various application involving ...
    • Conventional photolithography and process optimization of pattern- size expansion technique for nanogap biosensor fabrication 

      Balakrishnan, Sharma Rao; Muhammad Nurfaiz, Asri; Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Tijjani Adam, Shuwa (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      For a submicron photolithography process, there is little room for error. In this paper, an optimized technique for photoresist (PR) development is reported, to fabricate a nanogap biosensor for application in biomedical ...
    • A cost effective and consummate fabrication teaching set up for microelectronic engineering undergraduate 

      Uda, Hashim, Prof. Dr.; Zul Azhar, Zahid Jamal, Prof. Dr.; Mohammad Nuzaihan, Md Nor (Malaysian Invention & Design Society (MINDS), 2005-05-19)
      The package, which is fully designed and developed using KUKUM in-house expertise, is the first teaching laboratory that is purposely built for undergraduate microelectronic program in Malaysia.
    • Cost Effective Negative Plenum Cleanroom for Microelectronic Engineering undergraduate 

      Uda, Hashim; Zul Azhar, Zahid Jamal; Mohammad Nuzaihan, Md Nor; Nur Hamidah, Abdul Halim (Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia, 2005)
      The Negative Plenum Cleanroom which is design and built by KUKUM is primarily used for the teaching of the undergraduate microelectronic course. The cleanroom is approximately 115m² in size. The level of cleanliness in the ...
    • A Cost Effective Negative Plenum Cleanroom for Microelectronic Engineering Undergraduate Programme 

      Uda, Hashim, Prof. Madya Dr.; Zul Azhar, Zahid Jamal, Prof. Dr.; Nur Hamidah, Abdul Halim; Mohammad Nuzaihan, Md Nor (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (KPTM), 2005-09-30)
      To design and build a microelectronic cleanroom which is compatible to other commercially installed clenroom for the purpose of teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of microelectronic fabrication.