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    • Analysis of chaotic advection on mixing and heat transfer in PEMFC cooling applications 

      Hosseinalipour, S.M.; Amir, Tohidi; Mahnaz, Shokrpour; Mehdi, Shokrpour (Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 2009-10-11)
      This study fouces on improving the mixing and thermal performance of heat-exchangers interated in the bipolar plates of PEMFCs. The current design of the heatexchangers in laminar with a Reynolds number around 200. Velocity ...
    • Heat transfer in an array of staggered tube using CFD method 

      Shamsul, Bahari; Mohd Yusoff, Sulaiman; Abd Talib, Din; Adib, Muizzudin (Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 2009-10-11)
      Heat exchangers are found in numerous industrial applications such as steam generation in aboller or cooling in the coll of an air conditioner. Heat tranfer in flow across tube bank is importance in designing of heat ...