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    • Design and fabrication of mushroom house to maintain temperature at 26°C 

      Mohd Irwan Othman (Universiti Malaysia PerlisSchool of Manufacturing Engineering, 2008-01)
      Concept Generation and Pugh Chart Theories is the method to design the mushroom house. It will consider all the parameter or thing to happen while designing a part or product. It also will guide design process of concept ...
    • Temperature controller system 

      Mohd Hani Che Mahmud (Universiti Malaysia PerlisSchool of Computer and Communication Engineering, 2007-03)
      After research and discussion, I will take Temperature Controller System such as Final Year Project title. Temperature control system is a combination of software and hardware. The software part will receive an input from ...
    • Temperature reduction in mushroom house using the principle of waterfall 

      Mohd Amirul Hazwan Mohd Amin (Universiti Malaysia PerlisSchool of Manufacturing Engineering, 2008)
      The design and concept of mushroom house where can be maintain at 24°c were investigated by using the principle of heat transfer. The water was pumped from the tank to dome roof and flow through the pipe on the both side ...