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    • Bio-inspired vision fusion for quality assessment of harumanis mangoes 

      Fathinul Syahir, Ahmad Sa'ad; Ali Yeon, Md Shakaff, Prof. Dr.; Ammar, Zakaria; Mohd Zulkifly, Abdullah, Dr.; Abdul Hamid, Adom, Prof. Dr (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012-02-08)
      The perceived quality of fruits, such as mangoes, is greatly dependent on many parameters such as ripeness, aroma, firmness, shape, size, and is influenced by other factors such as harvesting time. Unfortunately, a manual ...
    • iCGPA gains ground among public universities 

      Rebecca, Rajaendram (The Star, 2016-08-03)
    • Multi-criteria fuzzy regression model for evaluating oil palm grading 

      Nureize, Arbaiy; Watada, J. (Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 2009-10-11)
      Measurement of quality is an important task in the evaluation of agricultural products. A higher quality of raw input material produces a higher quantity and quality of end products. Therefore, in the palm oil production, ...