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    • Exit-selection behaviors during a classroom evacuation 

      Lim, Eng Aik (Academic Journals, 2011-07)
      A modified version of the existing Cellular Automata (CA) model is proposed to simulate an evacuation experiment conducted in a classroom with and without obstacles. This work present the use of CA with neural network ...
    • Microscopic dynamics of a large-scale pedestrian evacuation model 

      Lim, Eng Aik (Academic Journals, 2012-01-09)
      Numerous models have been developed for estimating the time required to evacuate from a variety of places under various conditions. For high-traffic places, such as commercial and industrial buildings, it is vital to be ...
    • Simulating evacuations with obstacles using a modified dynamic cellular automata model 

      Lim, Eng Aik; Tan, Wee Choon (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
      A modified dynamic cellular automata model is proposed to simulate the evacuation of occupants from a room with obstacles. The model takes into account some factors that play an important role in an evacuation process, ...