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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2013The corrosion studies of powder metallurgy Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) alloyZuraidawani, Che Daud; Shamsul Baharin, Jamaludin, Prof. Dr.; Mohd Nazree, Derman, Dr.; Juyana, A Wahab         ;;;;
Oct-2013Interrogation of surface roughness and bond force effectZaliman, Sauli, Dr.;
Aug-2013Theoretical study of the structural, electronic structure, fermi surface, electronic charge density and optical properties of the of LnVO4 (Ln= Sm, Eu, Gd and Dy)Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Sikander, Azam;;
2014Analysis of buffered assembly line productivityUsubamatov, Ryspek, Prof. Dr.; Abd Alsalam, Alsalameh; Rosmaini, Ahmad, Dr.; Abdul Rahman Riza;
Nov-2013The effect of sintering duration on mechanical properties of Al/SiC compositesAsmawi, Sanuddin; Azmi, Harun; Mohd Sabri, Hussin; Zailani, Zainal Abidin; Mohd. Fidzwan, Md Amin Hamzas; Kartik, V.;;;;;
20-Nov-2012A review on micro-manufacturing, micro-forming and their key issuesAkhtar Razul, Razali; Yi, Qin;;
Apr-2013Conceptual design of automatic manipulator for metal and non - metal waste management applicationZol Bahri, Razali, Dr.; Nuraini, Yatim;
9-Jul-2012Coming together for environmental awarenessAnon
2013Relationship between controllable process parameters on bump height in ENIGZaliman, Sauli, Dr.; Retnasamy, Vithyacharan; Fairul Afzal, Ahmad Fuad; Ehkan, Phaklen, Dr.; Muhamad Hafiz,  Ab Aziz;;;;;
Oct-2013Mitigating interference in a heterogeneous wireless network using channel selectionMohd. Najmuddin, Mohd. Hassan, Dr.; Latifah Munirah, Kamarudin, Dr.; Ammar, Zakaria;;