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    • Application of IDEF3 process description capture to mechanize manual tile installation 

      Mohamad Ezral, Baharudin; Mohd. Fathullah, Ghazli @ Ghazali; Norshah Afizi, Shuaib; Shayfull Zamree, Abd Rahim, Dr.; Zaidi, Mohd Ripin (Praise Worthy Prize, 2011-11)
      Integrated Definition for Function which is also known as IDEF is a well structured modeling method that corresponds to a manufacturing system. For IDEF3, it is a process description capturing method created to capture ...
    • An approach to mechanization and automation of manual construction activity 

      Mohamad Ezral, Baharudin; Shayfull Zamree, Abd Rahim; Mohd. Fathullah, Ghazli @ Ghazali; Norshah Afizi, Shuaib; Zaidi, Mohd Ripin (Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l., 2011-11)
      Construction industry is very important to the developing country like Malaysia. Many challenges and difficulties must be faced by the developers of this particular field. Warszawski et. al [1] has reported that there are ...