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    • Cellobod: Cellulose-Based Insulator Panel from Rice Straw 

      Farizul Hafiz, Kasim; Suhardy, Daud; Mohamed Zulkali, Mohamed Daud, Prof. Madya Dr.; Mohd Nazry, Salleh; Tengku Nadzlan, Tengku Ibrahim; San, Myint; Saiful Azhar, Saad (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (KPTM), 2007-08-10)
      The increase in the production of agriculture waste, especially paddy straw is a rising concern at different levels of the population. The issue becomes more serious in the northern region of Malaysia, where paddy is planted ...
    • Husk Board: A Panel Board from Waste 

      Suhardy, Daud; Tengku Nadzlan, Tengku Ibrahim; Farizul Hafiz, Kasim; Mohd Nazry, Salleh; Mohabattul Zaman, NS Bukhari, Ir.; Shamsul Baharin, Jamaludin, Prof. Dr.; Che Mohd Ruzaidi, Mohd Ghazali, Prof. Madya; Mohammed Zulkali, Mohammed Daud, Prof. Madya Dr.; Saiful Azhar, Saad; Wan Su, Haron (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (KPTM), 2007-08-10)
      The invention is about a husk board, manufactured from rice husk. Rice husk is about industrial waste. The rice husks were blended with binder and a hardener before compaction by using hot press.
    • SphosSORB: Formaldehyde-Impregnated Sphagnum Moss for Adsorption of Oil and Grease 

      Saiful Azhar, Saad; Salsuwanda, Selamat; Che Zulzikrami, Azner Abidin; Kamarudin, Hussin, Brig. Gen. Dato' Prof. Dr.; Khairul Nizar, Ismail, Dr.; Naimah, Ibrahim; Roshasmawi, Abd Wahab (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (KPTM), 2007-08-10)
      Oil and grease from food service facilities are defined as materials either liquid or solid, composed primarily of oil and grease from animal or vegetable sources. Oil and grease have poor solubility in water and tend to ...
    • SugarSORB: Physical Treated Sugarcane Bagasse As Adsorbents for Treatment of Dyes Polluted Wastewater 

      Saiful Azhar, Saad; Khairul Nizar, Ismail, Dr.; Farizul Hafiz, Kasim; Suhardy, Daud; Mohd Nazry, Saleh; Che Zulzikrami, Azner Abidin; Salsuwanda, Selamat; Roshasmawi, Abd Wahab (Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2007-08-10)
      SugarSORB is carbon-based absorbent design to treat dyes polluted wastewater discharge from industries. The product has high adsorption capacity and comparable to commercially available absorbent. Moreover, its production ...