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    • Kinetic simulation of steam reforming of methanol with CO formation 

      Ye Lwin; Saiful Azhar Saad; Khairul Nizar Ismail; Mohd Irfan Hatim (Nanyang Technological University, 2006-12-03)
      There has been a general disagreement regarding the mechanism of carbon monoxide formation in steam reforming of methanol over copper-based catalysts. In this work, comparative simulation studies of the kinetics of steam ...
    • Reaction dynamics of separation-enhanced steam reforming of methanol for hydrogen production 

      Ye Lwin; Saiful Azhar, Saad; Khairul Nizar, Ismail; Mohamed Zulkali, Mohamed Daud (Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) & Institution of Chemical Engineers, Malaysia, 2007-12-12)
      The theoretical performance of a multifunctional catalyst possessing an activity and selectivity for hydrogen production by steam methanol reforming and integrated sites for simultaneous and continuous removal of carbon ...