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    • SugarSORB: Physical Treated Sugarcane Bagasse As Adsorbents for Treatment of Dyes Polluted Wastewater 

      Saiful Azhar, Saad; Khairul Nizar, Ismail, Dr.; Farizul Hafiz, Kasim; Suhardy, Daud; Mohd Nazry, Saleh; Che Zulzikrami, Azner Abidin; Salsuwanda, Selamat; Roshasmawi, Abd Wahab (Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2007-08-10)
      SugarSORB is carbon-based absorbent design to treat dyes polluted wastewater discharge from industries. The product has high adsorption capacity and comparable to commercially available absorbent. Moreover, its production ...