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    • Acetylcholinesterase from Puntius javanicus for the detection of carbamates and organophosphates 

      Mohd Khalizan, Sabullah; Siti Aqlima, Ahmad; Mohd Yunus, Shukor; Nor Arifin, Shamaan; Ariff, Khalid; Azlan Jualang, Gansau; Farrah Aini, Dahalan; Mohd Rosni, Sulaiman (SPB Pharma Society, 2015-04-01)
      A new alternative local source of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) has been found to be sensitive towards several insecticides. AChE was purified from the brain tissue of Puntius javanicususing affinity chromatography (procainamide ...
    • The use of lates calcarifer as a biomarker for heavy metals detection 

      Nursabrina, Mohd Hayat; Mohd Khalizan Halizan, Sabullah; Ariff, Khalid; Farrah Aini, Dahalan; Siti Aqlima, Ahmad; Mohd Yunus, Shukor; Nor Aripin, Shamaan; Mohd Arif, Syed (Springer Milan, 2016-01-21)
      Fish are ubiquitous organisms that have many features that designate their potential as a biomarker of heavy metals pollution. Thus, an investigation was done to detect the effect of heavy metals on cholinesterase (ChE) ...