About Ir. Dr. Mustaqqim Bin Abdul Rahim

Ir. Dr. Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim is currently a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Civil Engineering Technology , Universiti Malaysia Perlis

He was formerly from School of Environmental Engineering

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Email: Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim

Research Interests

Sustainable design

Structural engineering

RC design

Steel design

Recent Submissions

  • The temperature effect to the concrete due to the single strike of high electric current 

    Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim; Abdul Naser, Abdul Ghani; Muhammad Arkam, Che Munaaim; Muhammad Abu Bakar, Sidik; Zulhelmi, Zulkeflee (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2016)
    The protection against lightning had been increasingly used in the building to protect the building from the direct lightning impact. One of the methods is to embed the lightning protection cable in the concrete structure. ...
  • Experimental study of slurry infiltrated fiber reinforced concrete 

    Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim; Zuhayr, Md Ghazaly; Raja Mamat, Raja Nurazira; Muhammad Azizi, Azizan; Nur Fitriah, Isa; Shahiron, Shahidan (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2016)
    Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SIFCON) is a relatively new high performance and advanced material and can be considered as a special type of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC). The hooked-end shape steel ...
  • Dolomite quarry waste as sand replacement in sand brick 

    Nur Fitriah, Isa; Khairunnisa, Muhamad; Norhaizura, Yahya; Muhammad Munsif, Ahmad; Mohd Badrul Hisyam, Ab Manaf; Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim; Mokhzani, Khair Ishak; Nurul Huda, Hashim; Ahmad Faizal, Mansor; Siti Najwa, Ahmad Naspu (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2016)
    Dolomite is a sedimentary rock resulting from the deposition of river or sea takes millions of years. The quarry waste from dolomite production had been used to replace sand in order to study the performance of modified ...
  • Landslide simulation using limit equilibrium and finite element method 

    Zuhayr, Md Ghazaly; Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim; Kok Alfred, Chee Jee; Nur Fitriah, Isa; Liyana, Ahmad Sofri (Trans Tech Publications Ltd., 2016)
    Slope stability analysis is one of the ancient tasks in the geotechnical engineering. There are two major methods; limit equilibrium method (LEM) and finite element method (FEM) that were used to analyze the factor of ...
  • Utilization of recycled glass waste as partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete production 

    Nur Liza, Rahim; Roshazita, Che Amat; Norlia, Mohamad Ibrahim; Shamshinar, Salehuddin; Syakirah Afiza, Mohammed; Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim (Trans Tech Publications Ltd., 2015)
    Glass dust waste creates chronic environmental problems, mainly due to the inconsistency of waste glass streams. Glass is widely used in our lives through manufactured products such as sheet glass, bottles, glassware, and ...
  • Properties of concrete with different percentange of the rice husk ash (RHA) as partial cement replacement 

    Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim; Norlia, Mohamad Ibrahim; Zulliza, Idris; Zuhayr, Md Ghazaly; Shahiron, Shahidan; Nur Liza, Rahim; Liyana, Ahmad Sofri; Nur Fitriah, Isa (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2015)
    The use of pozzolanic material from waste product as partial cement replacement in concrete contribute to reduce the environmental, economic problem through their waste and as well enhance the strength and properties of ...
  • Effects of trans-polyoctylene rubber in polypropylene/recycled acrylonitrile butadiene/rice husk powder composites 

    Ragunathan, Santiagoo; Sam, Sung Ting, Dr.; Azlinda, Abdul Ghani; Kamarudin, Hussin, Brig. Jen. Dato' Prof. Dr.; Hanafi, Ismail, Prof. Dr.; Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim; Zuhayr, Md Ghazaly (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
    Composites of polypropylene/Acylonitrile butadiene rubber/Rice husk powder/ (PP/NBRr/RHP) with and without trans-polyoctylene rubber (TOR) were prepared, and the effects of trans-polyoctylene rubber were investigated. By ...
  • The behaviours of steel fiber as main reinfocement in high performance slurry infiltrated fiber reinforced concrete 

    Mustaqqim, Abdul Rahim; Zuhayr, Md Ghazaly; Ragunathan, Santiagoo; Shahiron, Shahidan (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
    Normally, the concrete structure fabricated by combining steel bars as main reinforcement to the concrete mix. In this methid, the steel fiber is randomly distributed in the mould before the concrete slurry takes place. ...