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    • Braitenberg swarm vehicles for odour plume tracking in laminar airflow 

      Syed Muhammad Mamduh, Syed Zakaria; Kamarulzaman, Kamarudin; Shaharil, Mad Saad; Ali Yeon, Md Shakaff, Prof. Dr.; Ammar, Zakaria; Abu Hassan, Abdullah, Dr. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013-04)
      This paper presents an algorithm to trace an odour plume using swarm robots in laminar airflow. The algorithm proposed here aims to bridge the gap between single and multiple element systems by mimicking and enhancing ...
    • Enhancing conductive polymer performance using eggshell for ammonia sensor 

      Supri, Abdul Ghani, Prof. Madya Dr.; Ammar, Zakaria; Ali Yeon, Md. Shakaff, Prof. Dr.; Abu Hassan, Abdullah, Dr.; Mohd Noor, Ahmad, Prof, Dr. (Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2012)
      Polyaniline/eggshell powder composites are proposed as a novel ammonia detecting sensor. The conductive composite is prepared by mixing eggshell powder and polyaniline using polymerisation process, blended in an appropriate ...