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    • Development of human sensory mimicking system 

      Nazifah, Ahmad Fikri; Ali Yeon, Md Shakaff, Prof. Dr.; Abdul Hamid, Adom, Prof. Madya Dr.; Mohd Noor, Ahmad, Prof. Dr.; Abu Hassan, Abdullah; Ammar, Zakaria; M. A., Markom (American Scientific Publishers, 2011-02)
      Taste (gustatory) and smell (olfactory) are two of the five human senses apart from touch (somatosensory), vision and hearing (auditory). In human and many other vertebrate animals the sense of taste are often used with ...
    • An Electronic Nose system for aromatic rice classification 

      Abu Hassan, Abdullah; Abdul Hamid, Adom, Prof. Madya Dr.; Ali Yeon, Md. Shakaff, Prof. Dr.; Mansur N, Ahmad; Ammar, Zakaria; Nazifah, Ahmad Fikri; Othman, Omar (American Scientific Publishers, 2011-04)
      Aromatic rice is a variety of rice with good cooking qualities such as nice aroma and flavour. It is pricier because it is only suitable to be cultivated in regions with specific climatic and soil conditions. Presently, ...
    • Improved classification of Orthosiphon stamineus by data fusion of electronic nose and tongue sensors 

      Ammar, Zakaria; Ali Yeon, Md. Shakaff, Prof. Dr.; Abdul Hamid, Adom, Assoc. Prof. Dr.; Mohd Noor, Ahmad; Maz Jamilah, Masnan; Abdul Hallis, Abd Aziz; Nazifah, Ahmad Fikri; Abu Hassan, Abdullah; Latifah Munirah, Kamarudin (MDPI Publishing, 2010-09-28)
      An improved classification of Orthosiphon stamineus using a data fusion technique is presented. Five different commercial sources along with freshly prepared samples were discriminated using an electronic nose (e-nose) and ...