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    • Design of a portable paddy cleaning machine 

      Shayfull Zamree, Abd. Rahim; Mohd Fathullah, Ghazli@Ghazali; Mohd Azaman, Md Deros (2010-09-20)
      Portable Paddy Cleaning Machine is designed to remove foreign materials and impurities such as sand particles, stones, paddy straws and foreign seeds from paddy. This machine provides farmers an alternative replacement of ...
    • Optimal process conditions of warpage with thin-shallow features molded with pin-point gating system 

      Mohd Fathullah, Ghazli@Ghazali; Shayfull Zamree, Abd Rahim; Norshah Afizi, Shuaib; Mohd Nasir, Mat Saad; Muhamad Saifuldin, Abdul Manan (Praise Worthy Prize, 2011-11)
      Thin shallow plastic parts are widely produced using injection molding processes in producing varieties of components and applications. Warpage issue always happens in manufacturing thin shallow parts due to its uneven ...
    • Warpage analysis between straight and conformal cooling channels on thin shallow shell 

      Norshah Afizi, Shuaib; Mohd Fathullah, Ghazli@Ghazali; Shayfull Zamree, Abd. Rahim; Mohd Nasir, Mat Saad; Mohd Fidzwan, Md Amin Hamzas (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      Warpage is a type mold defect due to non-uniform temperature variation which causes differential shrinkage rate on the moulded parts. An accurate warpage prediction is so important in helping mould designers to achieve ...