About Assoc. Prof. Dr. Soh Ping Jack

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Soh Ping Jack is currently a Associate Professor Dr. at Faculty of Electronic Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

He was formerly from School of Computer and Communication Engineering (SCCE)

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6394-5330

Scopus Author ID: 56456741800

Email: Soh Ping Jack

Research Interests

Wireless Communications

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Antennas and Propagation

Antenna Design

Recent Submissions

  • Location tracking system using wearable on-body GPS antenna 

    Thennarasan, Sabapathy; Mohd Amirudin, Mustapha; Muzammil, Jusoh; Shakhirul, Mat Salleh; Soh, Ping Jack (EDP Sciences, 2017)
    An on-body location tracking system is developed and integrated with a wearable GPS antenna. Such system is beneficial in human location tracking of patients and elderly within a radius of 1 km. The system consists of a ...
  • The effects of Metallic Loop-Like accessory worn on the human body on SAR at 2.45 GHz 

    H. H., Zainal; Hasliza, A. Rahim; Soh, Ping Jack; Khairul Najmy, Abdul Rani; Herwansyah, Lago; ‪Muhammad Solihin, Zulkefli; N. F. N., Yah (EDP Sciences, 2017)
    This paper presents the Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) in the human body with a monopole antenna. The distance between the antenna and the body were varied at different distances. The parameters (εr, σ) used in the human ...
  • Helical Antenna sensor for Different Liquid Type Identification 

    Waleed Majdi Issa, Ikhmis; Saidatul Norlyana, Azemi; Azremi Abdullah, Al-Hadi; Ping Jack, Soh; Mohd Faizal, Jamlos (EDP Sciences, 2017)
    There are variety of lliquid sensor measurement systems that available in the market nowadays. It is used to measure various parameter for wide range application or to address a specific application. However, most of the ...
  • Dual Band Planar Inverted F Antenna (PIFA) with L-Shape Configuration 

    Mohamad Khlouf, Munzer; Saidatul Norlyana, Azemi; Azremi Abdullah, Al-Hadi; Soh, Ping Jack; Mohd Faizal, Jamlos (EDP Sciences, 2017)
    One of the most used antennas in mobile devices is planar inverted F antenna (PIFA). PIFA can be design in dual band frequencies due to the coverage of the wireless service in a mobile device that requires a multiple ...
  • Compact Microstrip-Based Textile Antenna for 802.15.6 WBAN-UWB with Full Ground Plane 

    Purna B., Samal; Soh, Ping Jack; Zahriladha, Zakaria (Hindawi Limited, 2019)
    The paper presents the design and investigation of a flexible all-textile antenna operating in the wireless body area network (WBAN) ultrawideband (UWB) specified by the IEEE 802.15.6 standard. The proposed antenna features ...
  • A review of antennas for Picosatellite applications 

    Abdul Halim, Lokman; Soh, Ping Jack; Saidatul Norlyana, Azemi; Herwansyah, Lago; Podilchak, Symon K.; Chalermwisutkul, Suramate; Mohd Faizal, Jamlos; Azremi Abdullah, Al-Hadi; Akkaraekthalin, Prayoot; Gao, Steven (Hindawi Limited, 2017)
    Cube Satellite (CubeSat) technology is an attractive emerging alternative to conventional satellites in radio astronomy, earth observation, weather forecasting, space research, and communications. Its size, however, poses ...
  • Implementation of a project-based telecommunications engineering design course 

    Aliakbarian, Hadi; Soh, Ping Jack; Saeed Farsi; Hantao, Xu; Emmanuel H. E. M. J. C., Van Lil; Nauwelaers, Bart K. J. C.; Vandenbosch, Guy A. E.; Dominique, M. M.-P. Schreurs (IEEE, 2014-02)
    This paper describes and discusses the implementation of a project-based graduate design course in telecommunications engineering. This course, which requires a combination of technical and soft skills for its completion, ...
  • A smart wearable textile array system for biomedical telemetry applications 

    Soh, Ping Jack; Van Den Bergh, B.; Hantao, Xu; Aliakbarian, Hadi; Farsi, Saeed; Samal, Purna B.; Vandenbosch, Guy A. E.; Schreurs, Dominique M M P; Nauwelaers, Bart K J C (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013)
    A smart wearable textile array system (SWTAS) with direction of arrival (DoA) estimation and beamforming is proposed and developed for biomedical telemetry applications. This conformal system enables effective and continuous ...
  • A systematic design procedure for micro-strip-based unidirectional UWB antennas 

    Samal, Purna B.; Soh, Ping Jack; Vandenbosch, Guy A E (EMW Publishing, 2013)
    A design procedure for microstrip antenna topologies operating within the full UWB band is described. The presence of the full ground plane successfully results in a unidirectional antenna, which is important in applications ...
  • Dual-band suspended-plate wearable textile antenna 

    Nurul Husna, Mohd Rais; Soh, Ping Jack; Mohd Fareq, Abd. Malek, Dr.; Vandenbosch, Guy A. E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013)
    A novel, dual-band wearable textile antenna fabricated using conductive textiles for operation in both ISM and HiperLAN applications is presented. Its concept is based on the suspended-plate antenna. It features a 60 × 45 ...
  • Analysis of an indoor biomedical radar-based system for health monitoring 

    Mercuri, Marco; Soh, Ping Jack; Pandey, Gokarna; Karsmakers, Peter; Vandenbosch, Guy AE E; Leroux, Paul; Schreurs, Dominique (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013)
    Innovative technology approaches have been increasingly investigated for the last two decades aiming at human-being long-term monitoring. However, current solutions suffer from critical limitations. In this paper, a complete ...
  • Optimized SFCW radar sensor aiming at fall detection in a real room environment 

    Mercuri, Marco; Soh, Ping Jack; Boccia, Luigi; Schreurs, Dominique; Vandenbosch, Guy AE; Leroux, Paul; Amendola, Giandomenico (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013-01)
    An optimization of a Stepped-Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) radar for contactless fall detection and tag-less localization is presented and discussed. Wideband antennas with different topologies are investigated to solve ...
  • A novel 2.45GHz switchable beam textile antenna (SBTA) for outdoor wireless body area network (WBAN) applications 

    Mohd Ilman, Jais; Mohd Faizal, Jamlos, Dr.; Muzammil, Jusoh, Dr.; Sabapathy, Thennarasan; Muhammad Ramlee, Kamarudin, Assoc. Prof. Dr.; R. Badlishah, Ahmad, Prof. Dr.; Azremi, Abdullah Al Hadi, Dr.; Emi Izhanizam, Azmi; Soh, Ping Jack; Vandenbosch, Guy AE E; Nur Laila Khamariah, Ishak (EMW Publishing, 2013)
    A novel switchable beam textile antenna (SBTA) for wireless body area network (WBAN) applications is proposed. The SBTA is centrally-fed by a coaxial probe and the power distributed over four circular radiating elements. ...
  • Design of a broadband all-textile slotted PIFA 

    Soh, Ping Jack; Vandenbosch, Guy A E; Liam, Ooi Soo; Nurul Husna, Mohd Rais (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), 2012-01)
    A new broadband textile based PIFA antenna structure designed for wireless body area network (WBAN) applications is presented. The new topology can be directly integrated into clothing. The study starts by considering three ...
  • Simplified Modeling, Simulation and Performance Analysis Using Circuit Model for a Corporate Feed Microstrip Patch Array 

    Soh, Ping Jack; Azremi, Abdullah Al Hadi; R A Rahim; Dayang Khadijah, Hamzah; Mohd Taufik, Jusoh (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2007-03-27)
    This work is an effort in investigating and modeling an accurate circuit model derived from the transmission line method (CM/TLM) by simulating a rectangular microstrip patch array using two different simulation techniques, ...
  • Design of Barium Strontium Titanium (BST) array antenna 

    F. H., Wee; Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek, Dr.; Soh, Ping Jack (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)Centre for Graduate Studies, 2010-10-16)
    A design of a 4x4 dielectric resonator (DR) microstrip patch array antenna with a 50 Ω microstrip transmission line feed is presented. The antenna was designed to operate at the Worldwide interoperability for Microwave ...
  • Development of tunable multi beam antenna for High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) – Progress II 

    Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek, Dr.; Soh, Ping Jack; Muhammad Ezanuddin, Abdul Aziz (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)Centre for Graduate Studies, 2010-10-16)
    In this paper, influence of Circularly Split Ring Resonators with its accompanying circular microstrip patch antenna are investigated. Proposing a 5850 to 7075 MHz band of working frequency, by means of microwave ...
  • Design and fabrication of a flexible Minkowski fractal antenna for VHF applications 

    Lee, Eric Ching; Soh, Ping Jack; Norazlan, Hashim; Vandenbosch, Guy A. E.; Volski, Vladimir A.; Adam, Ibrahim A. H.; Hidayath A., Mirza; Mohd Zoinol Abidin, Abd Aziz (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2011-04-10)
    This work investigates the design of a flexible Minkowski fractal antenna. Two potential materials are included for examination - conductive copper tape and ShieldIt conductive textile. Both are designed and simulated to ...
  • The CCSRR influences towards circular microstrip antenna 

    A. A M., Ezanuddin; Fareq, A. Malek; Soh, Ping Jack (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2010-06-15)
    A circular profile microstrip antenna and its related structural dimensions meant for 5850-7075 MHz Malaysia HAPS operating band are investigated here. Appearing by three layers and having layer three surface copper re-shaped ...
  • Design of a Flexible Minkowski-Like Pre-Fractal (MLPF) antenna with different ground planes for VHF LMR 

    Lee, E. C.; Soh, Ping Jack; Nur Baya, Mohd. Hashim; Vandenbosch, G. A. E.; H., Mirza; Ismahayati, Adam; Ooi, S. L. (City University of Hong Kong, 2011-03-07)
    This work investigates the suitability of a flexible Minkowski-like pre-fractal antenna (MLPF) for application in the Very High Frequency (VHF) Land and Mobile Radio (LMR) frequency bands (136-174 MHz). The proposed ...

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