About Ts. Dr. Yusrina Mat Daud

Ts. Dr. Yusrina Mat Daud is currently a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Chemical Engineering Technology , Universiti Malaysia Perlis

She was formerly from School of Materials Engineering

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1412-6531

Scopus Author ID: 57210919867

Email: Yusrina Mat Daud

Research Interests

Mechanical Properties

Material Characterization

Advanced Materials



Skills and Expertise:Material Characterization,Materials,Nanomaterials,Mechanical Properties,Mechanical Behavior of Materials,Material Characteristics,Polymers Materials Processing,Advanced Materials,Mechanical Testing,Nanomaterials Synthesis Materials Testing,Materials Engineering,Composites,Nanocomposites,Scanning Electron Microscopy,Composite Material,Polymer Composites,Fiber,Elastomers,Compressive Strength,Epoxy Resins,Plastics Engineering,Silicate and Rubber.

Recent Submissions

  • The effect of chemical modification on properties of polypropylene/bagasse fiber composites compounding using two roll mill 

    Sinar Arzuria, Adnan; Sea, B. I.; Yusrina, Mat Daud (Trans Tech Publications, 2013-03)
    This study is concerned on chemical modification of bagasse fiber (BF) filled polypropylene (PP) composites compounding using two roll mill. The fibers were chemically modified with different chemical treatment (alkaline, ...
  • Polyolefin layered silicates nanocomposites - A review 

    Yusrina, Mat Daud; Kamarudin, Hussin, Brig. Jen. Dato' Prof. Dr.; Che Mohd Ruzaidi, Ghazali, Prof. Madya; Azlin Fazlina, Osman (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
    A review is given of polyolefins layered silicates nanocomposites. This group of commodity thermoplastic is widely used and gain a great attention among researcher now days for nanocomposite preparation with layered silicates ...
  • Tensile and morphology properties of polylactic acid/ treated typha latifolia composites 

    Muthmirah, Ibrahim; Jalilah, Abd Jalil; Syarifah Nuraqmar, Syed Mahamud; Yusrina, Mat Daud; Salmah, Husseinsyah, Dr. Ir.; Muhammad Rafi’, Yahya (Trans Tech Publications, 2013-12)
    This paper is focused to investigate the effect of treated natural fiber (typha latifolia) content on tensile and morphology properties of polylactic acid (PLA)/treated typha latifolia (T-TyLa) composites. The composite ...
  • A comparative study of polypropylene/chloroprene rubber and recycled polypropylene/chloroprene rubber blends 

    Nurul Azra, Bakaruddin; Salmah, Husseinsyah, Dr. Ir.; Yusrina, Mat Daud (Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)Centre for Graduate Studies, 2010-10-16)
    Blends of virgin and recycled polypropylene with chloroprene rubber have been prepared to compare the effect of blend ratio on mechanical properties and morphology of both virgin and recycled materials. The results showed ...
  • Plastic Impregnated Lignocellulosic Composites 

    Hanis Azimah, Mohd Bokeri; Anis Nadhirah, Ismail; Alida, Abdullah (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), 2010-09-26)
    Lignocellulosic polymer composites are supported new generation reinforcing materials. Hence, lignocelluloses make composite become more environmentally friendly.