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    • Palm Ash as an Alternative Source for Silica Production 

      Faizul, Che Pa; Abdullah, Chik; Md. Fazlul, Bari (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      Agricultural wastes such as palm ash and rice husk have a possibility to be used as a useful renewable source for the production of silica (SiO2). Extensive researches have been carried out to extract silica from agricultural ...
    • Physical characteristic of Zn doped soft ferrites MxZn₁-x Fe₂O₄ 

      Abdullah, Chik; Nazli, Ahmad Aini; Haider F., Abdul Amir, Assoc. Prof. Dr. (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      The chemical composition and preparation methods for ferrite were studied in order to control the quality of ferrite such as higher initial permeability and low energy losses. Nine samples of soft ferrite MxZn₁-x Fe₂O₄ ...