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    • Ganobuster: Novel, Easy, and Clean Basal Stem Rot Detection System of the Palm Oil Trunk 

      Ali Yeon, Mohd Shakaff, Prof. Dr. (Principal); Mohd Noor, Ahmad, Prof. Dr.; Mohamed Zulkali, Mohamed Daud, Prof. Madya Dr.; Abdul Hamid, Adom, Prof. Madya Dr.; Abu Hassan, Abdullah; Farizul Hafiz, Kasim; Ahmad Faizal; Shah Fenner Khan; Anas, Mohd Noor; Norahim, Ibrahim; Noor Hasyierah, Mohd Salleh; Marni Azira, Markom (INPEX, 2007-06-06)
      The technology incorporates multi-disciplinary inputs in which data captured through the use of versatile sensors are analyzed using artificial neural networks (ANN) to be translated and presented into profiles considered ...