This page provides access to research works by Ahmad Nasrul bin Norali, currently a Lecturer of Mechatronic Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).


Skills and Expertise: Signal Processing, Bioelectromagnetics, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Signal Analysis, Pattern Recognition, FFT, Source coding

Recent Submissions

  • Telehealth in Malaysia - An overview 

    Mohd Hanafi, Mat Som; Mohd Nasir, Norali; Megat Syahirul Amin, Megat Ali, Engr (IEEE Conference Publications, 2010)
    Telehealth is a term used widely nowadays in conjunction with better ICT growth in the healthcare delivery. It integrates the used of telecommunication and information systems as well as multimedia technologies to promote ...
  • Classification of bundle branch blocks using multilayered perceptron network 

    Megat Syahirul Amin, Megat Ali; Aisyah Hartini, Jahidin; Ahmad Nasrul, Norali; Mohd Hanafi, Mat Som (IEEE Conference Publications, 2011)
    Development of automated and accurate techniques for ECG recognition is important for diagnosis of heart diseases. Arrhythmic signals occur due to the disturbances to the rate, regularity, nodes and conduction path of the ...
  • Non-invasive blood glucose measurement Application of near infrared optical measurement 

    Anas, Mohd Noor; Normahira, Mamat @ Mohamad Nor; Ahmad Nasrul, Norali; Syafirah, Azahari (IEEE Conference Publications, 2012)
    In clinical practice currently, blood glucose is measured using an invasive techniques which is unsuitable and having risky of infection in the patient since the finger is pricked three to five times a day. In this study, ...
  • Development of a low cost precision blood resistivity measurement device based on Thompson Lampard theorem 

    Anas, Mohd Noor; Ahmad Nasrul, Norali; Mahfoozur, Rehman, Dr. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012-02-27)
    Certain diseases detection on the hematocrit level in the human blood can be identified based on resistivity or its impedance. Currently, physicians depend on different laboratory tests of blood for diagnosing and monitoring ...
  • Hybrid multilayered perceptron network for classification of bundle branch blocks 

    Megat Syahirul Amin, Megat Ali; Ahmad Nasrul, Norali; Aisyah Hartini, Jahidin (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012-02-27)
    Electrocardiogram is an electrical representation of heart activities that provide vital information on the cardiac condition. Development of reliable intelligent systems through analysis of cardiac rhythms has been ...
  • Surface Electromyography signal processing and application: a review 

    Ahmad Nasrul, Norali; Mohd Hanafi, Mat Som (Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 2009-10-11)
    Electromyography (EMG) is a study of muscles function through analysis of electrical activity produced from muscles. This electrical activity which is displayed in form of signal is the result of neuromuscular activation ...