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    • Classification of speech dysfluencies using LPC based parameterization techniques 

      Hariharan, Muthusamy; Lim, Sin Chee; Ooi, Chia Ai; Sazali, Yaacob, Prof. Dr. (Springer Science+Business Media, LLC., 2011-01-20)
      The goal of this paper is to discuss and compare three feature extraction methods: Linear Predictive Coefficients (LPC), Linear Prediction Cepstral Coefficients (LPCC) and Weighted Linear Prediction Cepstral Coefficients ...
    • MFCC based recognition of repetitions and prolongations in stuttered speech using k-NN and LDA 

      Lim, Sin Chee; Ooi, Chia Ai; Hariharan, Muthusamy; Sazali, Yaacob, Prof. (Institute of Electrical and Elctronics Engineering (IEEE), 2009-11-16)
      Stuttering is a speech disorder in which the normal flow of speech is disrupted by occurrences of dysfluencies, such as repetitions, interjection and so on. There are a high proportion of repetitions and prolongations in ...