About Dr. Muhamad Safwan Bin Muhamad Azmi

Dr. Muhamad Safwan Muhamad Azmi is currently a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

He was formerly from School of Mechanical Engineering

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9209-0194

Scopus Author ID: 57193842601

Email: Muhamad Safwan Muhamad Azmi

Research Interests

Finite Element Analysis

Solid Mechanics

Fracture Mechanics

Mechanical Processes

Recent Submissions

  • Blockage detection in circular pipe using vibration analysis 

    Muhamad Safwan, Muhamad Azmi; M. R., Roslan; N. L. T., Lile (Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development (INSIGHT), 2012)
    Pipe is an important medium used in most industrial and home applications for transferring liquid or gas from one end to the other. The efficiency of liquid flow is crucial to ensure proper and efficient delivering of ...
  • A Firefly Algorithm approach for routing in VLSI 

    Mohd Nasir, Ayob; Ahmad Fariz, Hassan; Abdul Halim, Ismail; Hassrizal, Hassan Basri; Muhamad Safwan, Muhamad Azmi; Amar Faiz, Zainal Abidin (IEEE Conference Publications, 2012)
    Many studies had been conducted in improving the performance of large scale integration circuits that heavily depends on the interconnected routing in the circuits. Strategic choice of wire placement and buffer placement ...
  • Development of a webcam based lux meter 

    Abdul Halim, Ismail; Muhamad Safwan, Muhamad Azmi; M. A, Hashim; Mohd Nasir, Ayob; Mohd Sani, Mohamad Hashim, Dr.; Hassrizal, Hassan Basri (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013-04)
    The amount of light is an important issue in several scenarios ranging from scenic design, light pollution study, robots navigation, occupational health and safety, illumination engineering, agriculture, medical appliances ...
  • Investigation of homogeneous multi robots communication via bluetooth 

    Abdul Halim, Ismail; Mohd Nasir, Ayob; Hassrizal, Hassan Basri; Wan Khairunizam, Wan Ahmad, Dr.; Shahriman, Abu Bakar, Dr.; Kaihao, Thum; Muhamad Safwan, Muhamad Azmi; N, Abdul Rahim; M, Azri Aziz; Mohd Sani, Mohamad Hashim (IEEE Conference Publications, 2012)
    Task assignments to team of homogenous autonomous robots are in research trends in robotic field. Autonomous homogeneous multi-robot is known to have similar architecture in terms of structure and identical control system ...